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Horse Magick: Review

From Publisher's Weekly

History, psychology, and magic blend nicely in this equine book of spells from Lawren (Dragonflame), a spiritual counselor, and Domenic, a former art history professor at Duquesne University. Drawing from a variety of traditions of horse imagery, including Greek mythology, Native American shamanism, and voodoo, the authors present a vast array of spells and rituals intended to furnish a better understanding of the ways the spirit of the horse acts upon everyday human life. Each spell includes explanations of steps and supplies, as well as information about the specific horse archetypes and spirits involved in the ritual. For instance, the jade horse of Chinese mythology promotes good luck, and the Leos recommend an offer using a borrowed bowl, hay, flower petals, and a jade piece (preferably a horse figurine), while the winged horse of Greek mythology can be a catalyst for lucid dreaming through a ritual using water, anise pods, and a moonstone. Though “no contact with actual horses is required” for these rituals, this enchanting guide provides pleasant reflective rituals for contemplating the connection between horses and humans. (June)



Publication Endorsements

Horse Magick

Horse Magick

Masterfully written, Horse Magick: Spells and Rituals for Self-Empowerment, Protection, and Prosperity has taken me on an enthralling mystical, magical, and historical journey from ancient to modern times alongside the astonishing, majestic horse. Extensively researched and eloquently presented, Lawren Leo and Domenic Leo summon their readers around the world, in order to grasp and appreciate the concepts of how mythology meets and melds with historical realities. We learn that throughout time, the immeasurable contributions of horses, and other equine species, have always played a significant role both magically and as a workforce, while aiding deities and helping the advancement of humankind. As an added bonus, this book is abundant with magical spells and incantations for an array of various situations, and they will certainly be incorporated into my own practice. Personally, I am now enchanted by the spirit of the horse.  A captivating, educational read and truly created as a labor of love!


Miss Aida, author of 

Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic

Horse Magick is essential for every modern wizard or sorcerer.

Elhoim Leafar, author of 

The Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags

Horse Magick is sure to bring strength, vitality, and empowerment into all aspects of your life. Through tapping into the symbolism and spirit of equine energy, the Leo brothers show you how to harness this force into your magickal practice to yield fantastic results. This approachable, clever, and well-researched book, will assist you in getting your magick to work at full horsepower!



Mat Auryn, author of 

Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick and Manifestation

Imagine the strength and beauty of the amazing horse, and then imagine that power combined with magick. This is the gift that Horse Magick: Spells and Rituals for Self-Empowerment, Protection, and Prosperity brings to the reader. You don’t have to love horses to appreciate their spirit and mythological importance, but I suspect that you will after reading this book. A long overdue addition to the genre.



Deborah Blake, author of 

The Little Book of Cat Magic

The Leo brothers have crafted the definitive guide to equine magick and myth. Drawing from magickal traditions around the world, Horse Magick offers a stunning survey of the role that horses have played throughout history. Lawren and Domenic artfully retell stories hailing from Japan to ancient Greece and the Americas to Africa. Each chapter is enriched by the addition of practical, simple, and effective spells--each and every one explained in detail so the practitioner can understand not only the how but also the why of magickal practice. This book is for more than just horse lovers; it is a delight to read and will inspire magicians for generations to come.



Nicholas Pearson, author of 

Crystal Basics and Stones of the Goddess

Horse Magick by Lawren Leo with Domenic Leo is an entrancing journey from prehistoric horse ancestors to ancient Greek wars; a journey to our highest potential through the spirit of the horse, the embodiment of freedom. The visuals alone take you on an enchanting trip through time and the extensive collection of spells contained within is captivating, whether you grew up riding, or have only seen photos of horses. Grab this book for an alluring view from horseback. Through the tides, deep in the rain forest, or through war-torn landscapes, let the horse be your guide.



Amy Blackthorn, author of 

Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic

Sacred Smoke

 Carefully researched and delightfully written, Lawren Leo brings to life the core energy of ancient horse magick.  Enjoy the ride as you welcome, empower, and guide your inner shaman.  Myth, magick, spells, chants, rituals, and practical information gallop across the page to promote, challenge, and enhance your true essence.  Powerful and profound, a tool to help choose and shape your destiny, you will love this marvelous book!



Silver RavenWolf, author of 

To Ride a Silver Broomstick,

Poppet Magick

and many other books of magick



Dragonflame will help you uncover the treasure that lies buried deep within you. After all, as with alchemy, what is the ultimate purpose of magic, if not for transmutation and transformation? We seek to transform ourselves, our situations, our lives, our destinies. Dragonflame offers tools to successfully accomplish all these goals and more. Author Lawren Leo writes with compassion, knowledge, and insight. Dragonflame presents esoteric concepts in straightforward, lucid, comprehensible language. Rituals, exercises, meditations, and visualizations are tailored to novices and adepts.  Highly recommended!

Judika Illes, author of 

The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells,

The Encyclopedia of Spirits, Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting,

 & other books.

Dragonflame functions as an effective guide to tapping into your personal power. Leo’s well-orchestrated meditations are grounded in an eclectic mix of spirituality, philosophy, alchemy, and magic. Well done!

Margaret Ann Lembo, author of

Chakra Awakening and The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones (Llewellyn)

Owner of The Crystal Garden located at Boynton Beach, FL.

Leo brings the reader into the mystical world of talismans, dreams, spiritual growth, karma, and the Philosopher's Stone. The author explains the Qabalistic way of life which depicts the universe on visible and invisible levels. Leo explains an important lesson about magic and karma. Overall, the book gives readers a good perspective on the dynamics of magic the ceremonial aspects and a very extensive glossary of technical terms.

Dr. Joseph S. Maresca

Dragonflame, by author and psychic Lawren Leo, is destined to become an instant classic in the unexpected cross-over genre of ritual magic and self-help literature. It is at once modern and traditional, grounded in the masters of the Golden Dawn, such as Dion Fortune, the Ciceros, and Donal Michael Kraig, as well as the soul-soothing work of Deepak Chopra and Ekhart Tolle. The remarkable nature of Leo's contribution is his ability to make this material appealing, relevant, and fresh for a twenty-first century audience. No stone remains unturned here. The subject matter bears his hallmark mastery of multiple esoteric fields, including High Magick, Qabalah, Wicca, and Alchemy.

Marie deFeo, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

The spiritual imagery of Dragonflame is markedly hybrid -- a unique admixture of philosophy, magic, folklore, and metaphysics. Through innovative and carefully calibrated rituals, exercises, and other devotional practices, Leo offers readers profound tools of personal transformation. Dragonflame is thus a book that radically empowers its readers to seek new heights.

Marlene Hennessy, PhD

Dragonflame resists any attempt to be described in simple terms. It is at once a grimoire and a guide for self-empowerment. Its heart is a series of meditations. They include ritual magic, astrology, and the tarot, all of which lead the reader on the most important of journeys: the journey within. A must-read!

Domenic Leo, PhD, author of 

Images, Texts, and Marginalia in a 'Vows of the Peacock' Manuscript

Love's Shadow

Love's Shadow

Lawren Leo has a new collection out: Love's Shadow: Nine Crooked Paths. A sorcerer with words, a magician of mood, Leo infuses his narratives with a visionary, almost painful beauty.



James Magruder, author of

Let Me See It, Sugarless, and Worth Our Breath

Leo's dark, haunted fairy tales expose the thin veil between appearance and reality. In his stories there is a broad, deep continuum of personal history and narrative time collapsing into painful but rapturous present. Like Sicilian folktales, these stories feel as if they could have been written hundreds of years ago. They also often tease the boundaries between animals and humans, the living and dead, and the material and spiritual. While many of these stories end on a note of uncertainty and venture into the realm of the uncanny and the unknown, the collection read as a whole promises the triumph of love and beauty, loss as plenitude.



Marlene Hennessy, PhD

Love's Shadow comprises nine elegant, finely wrought short stories that are bubbling over with enchantment and startling imagery. Leo's sophisticated prose beckons the reader through realms of magic and seduction. Each tale deserves to be savored, as if sipped like a fine wine, line by line until the very end.


Nicholas Pearson, author of 

The Seven Archetypal Stones

Crystals for Karmic Healing

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I extend my warmest regards to those who made my tour successful. Also, to those who sent me such beautiful and thoughtful reviews. And, especially for the many radio stations who took a special interest in interviewing me.

With gratitude,

Lawren Leo

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